12.2021 Wrote an exhibition text for Jinseung Jang's solo show Réalité Simulée at Onsu Gonggan, Seoul. 10.2021 Destination, Circulation, Where Are We Going? 09.2021 I talked about technological optimism in relation to the COVID-19 machine on the panel discussion of Local/Translocal: The Reproduction of Technological Promise at Chinsenhale Gallery, London. 06.2021 Currently on Vdrome 05.2021 塑胶爱 04.2020 Submitted PhD thesis titled Cyber-Proletariat and the New Subaltern Space. 11.2019 I started a post-doc role, working on the AHRC funded project Bio-Exempt. 09.2019 I responded to Shanzhai Lyric’s "FREEDON (and on and on)" at the Women’s Art Library. 03.2019 I produced a CGI film. 06.2018 Latin America Subaltern Studies Group 10.2017 I organised (X) An Evening of Performances at DRAF. 09.2017 I read Chinese Sci-fi for CAMPerVAN at Jupiter Woods. 03.2017 I organised and presented at the International Curatorial Workshop: Curating and Social Change. 09.2016 I contributed to An Anecdoted Archive of Exhibition Lives that was exhibited at Bergen Assembly, organised by freethought. 11.2015 I started researching a PhD at Curatorial/Knowledge, Goldsmiths. 07.2015 Black Box Formula. 01.2015 Are we working too much? 10.2014 I talked to Valerie Steele about obsessions. 05.2014 Introspections is an artist moving image programme I curated in collaboration with LUX and BFI at London’s Picturehouse. 01.2014 13th Istanbul Biennial: Mom, Am I Barbarian? 05.2012 An exhibition investigating creative resistance was curated and exhibited at the Guardian. 03.2012 Circular Facts 03.2011 I took part in the process of recovering and re-activating a pedagogic experiment: the ‘A’ Course with MayDay Rooms.

Local/Translocal: The Reproduction of Technological Promise

Saturday 18 September 2021, 1 - 2.30pm

A panel discussion exploring the ways in which technological optimism, power and sovereignty are reproduced on transnational scales, initiated by Chisenhale’s Asymmetry Curatorial Writing Fellow, Hang Li. Hang will be joined by communication and media researcher Jing Zeng, sociology and public policy researcher Canhui Liu, writer and curator Su Wei, and curator and academic Joni Zhu.

The discussion will explore the construction and exchange of technology between China and other countries. The panellists will examine technology as social and cultural phenomena that embody ideas of labour organisation, ideologies and the imaginations of power, contributing to the maintenance and transformation of nationalism, financialisation, and governance.

Following the public panel discussion, a group of researchers, curators and artists with different knowledge backgrounds joined the core group in a closed-door roundtable discussion. The micro-gathering reflected upon topics and questions raised from the panel discussion, sharing research interests in technology, labour, governance, social movements, diaspora studies and colonialism. The participants further explored the crossroads and shared struggles among some distanced disciplines and discourses, cross-examining topics of technology, locality, identity, and hope.

Joni Zhu, Shenzhen Realism (2019)